There are places on the planet where animals, plants and the Earth itself can live without aggression. We created laws to prevent these attacks from happening again. Preservation areas were delimited. People gathered in groups to help. Otherwise, there wouldn't be one of those places still alive.

Despite all efforts, these areas are being degraded, they are still on the destruction agenda. And the biggest and most biodiverse of them, the Amazon Forest, suffered one of the worst in recent years. Between August 2020 and July 2021, the Amazon had 10,476 square kilometers deforested and another 6,688 km² in the previous year. The equivalent of entire “cities” disappearing from the map per year.

As a matter of evolution, some will say that mining, logging, burning, for whatever reason, actually justify deforestation. I can't understand how good it can be to destroy a place that has unique elements used in the world, that even has some to be discovered, that contains a significant part of the world's fresh water, that is home to animals and people.

Pixonia comes from the Pixel + Amazon suffix prefix. After all, we are two people trying to help a mystical place from which the whole world benefits. Whether through medication, hygiene products, food coloring, paper, seasoning, food and even spiritual, each one takes a small part home. Letting the Amazon die is like letting a part of us die too.