Six squads spread across the galaxy with a mission to protect Pixonia's secret. Years later, the squads must unite once more to fight the darkness.


Pixobos is an NFT project that aims to develop a parcipative community around the Super Sentais culture.

There will be 6 seasons of 3,000 Pixobos, each generated by a different squad and a different lore.

Altogether, the project will mint with 243 properties of different rarities randomly distributed among 18,000 NFTs. Where 216 NFTs will belong to Sentinel and 864 NFTs will be donated through Airdrops.

An extra season consisting of 42 NFTs can be achieved through the milestones. This exclusive collection will mint 36 members of the Super Squads plus their 6 Daibos, the giant robots of each squad!

Mint Section

Squad: Nexom Sentai Itbongers

Cost: 0.0045 ETH.

Blockchain: Polygon.
Properties: Background, Head, Eyes, Mouth, Arm A, Arm B, Trunk, Leg A and Leg B.
To Mint: 2.820 NFTs.

To Airdrops: 144 NFTs.
Foil Rarity: 36 Pixobos.


Phase 1

Pixobos will only defeat the darkness if the milestones of 15%, 50% and 100% are reached. Upon reaching these milestones some steps will be taken as seen below.

When and if season 6 reaches 50% of sales, there will be an extra season that will assemble all the members of the Super Squads plus the Daibos - the 6 gigantic robots. And best of all: everyone will be animated.


At 15%, we have an existing community and a delivery commitment for you:

- A second Nexom Sentai Itbongers teaser.
- Marketing expenses for Nexom Sentai Itbongers collection.
- Increase in Work Team.
- The three nations: Umiata, Yamif and Kyron, come to life through art and writing.
- Concept art of a comic book.
- Get in touch with groups that help Amazonia.


By reaching 50% of sales, you guarantee:

- Keep the team working.
- Partnership with Developers.
- Keep promoting the Pixobos collection.
- The last three nations: Aoix, Akam and Numma, also come to life through art and writing.
- The first comic is born: The Itbongers!
- Our OST will be ordered!
- Sketch of an animated short film.
- We will make our first contribution to the Amazonia with the help of the community.
- We will announce the date of minting of the next season of Pixobos.


The first 100% became unforgettable with everyone's continuous work:

- We will continue with investments in the team, in marketing and in the partnership with Developers.
- A special story of the Nexom Sentai Itbongers will be told.
- A second Itbongers comic will be delivered along with an illustrated poster.
- The animated short has a release date.
- A Metaverse appears and its future will be discussed among the community, which can result in a Voxel Art for Sandbox.

- 144 NFts will be donated through Airdrops to the community.
- We will make our second contribution to the Amazonia also with the contribution of the community.

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